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Heltti has a training program called Heltti Akatemia. It’s a series of open training sessions for HR, management and a general workplace audience for topics such: how to recognize early signs of burnout, what is coaching, how to support brain ergonomics or how to self-manage. We also organize first-aid training tailored to knowledge workers.

All Heltti Akatemia’s training sessions are held in the Heltti HQ in central Helsinki or online. The sessions are usually in Finnish, but we can also organize English sessions for your company, either in person or online.


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Training topics:

  • Power of positive psychology
  • From insecurity and teleworking apathy to a meaningful workdays
  • Supervisor training: How do I support employees in remote work and in times of uncertainty?
  • Brain-friendly remote work

Heltti Akatemia is run by Heltti’s
occupational health psychologists

“How did the training help you?”

“The discussion reinforced my own thoughts and I got new insights”


“Repetition is the mother of all learning. This training reminded me of the importance of listening.”


“I took with me concrete exercises and questions that are useful in my own work and for the entire organization.”

“Recommendation: at least 5% of the personnel is trained in first aid”

Heltti’s first-aid training

Under the Finnish Occupational Health and Safety Act, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide sufficient first aid in the event of an emergency. The Red Cross recommends that 5% of the personnel is trained in first aid.

Heltti organizes first-aid training in open courses as well as company-specific sessions

Prices for open training:
  • Emergency First-aid (8 x 45 min.) 90 € + VAT / pers.
  • EA1/EA2 (16 x 45 min.) 195 € + VAT / pers.
  • Participants will be also charged for a SPR electronic first aid card 19 € + VAT / pers.


Open trainings in the spring 2021:


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“I’ve been at Heltti from very early on and I’m responsible for sales here now. I’d love to discuss how to develop the wellbeing of your employees.”
– Juha

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